All Expenses To Look Like Kylie Jenner 2015

All Expenses To Look Like Kylie Jenner 2015 (4)

All Expenses To Look Like Kylie Jenner 2015

If you are like us and have always wondered what really happens in daily routine beauty Kylie Jenner, we have good news for you. The New York Times spoke to Kylie of her daily diet and covered everything from the products she relies on her hair and face what she eats and makes working out.
The new York Times
The most surprising revelation was that Kylie Profile prefers actually be low maintenance with her makeup when she’s away from the cameras.

“If I see people, I will not wear heavy makeup,” she explained. “It is not attractive to me. When you see the pictures on my Instagram, they are usually when I do a photo shoot or interview. Whenever I get my makeup done professionally, I take a picture.”
And fortunately for us, many of Kylie favorite products are affordable and budget-friendly. It uses Neutrogena cleansing wipes and Mimosa Blossom Hydrating Dream Cream, both retail for less than $ 10. It is also based on pharmacies to find her false eyelashes, her favorites being those light and airy.

Here’s the breakdown:

Anastasia Soare contour kit: $ 40
Anastasia Soare concealer: $ 20
Anastasia Soare highlighter: $ 23
Formatting eyebrows: $ 50
Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream: $ 7
Charlotte Tilbury Foundation: $ 45
Sephora mask: $ 6
TiZO3: $ 36
Eye Cream Kiehl to the lawyer: $ 47
Nars Blush “orgasm”: $ 30
Lancome mascara: $ 27.50
Bobbi Brown powder: $ 38
MAC Lip Pencil: $ 16.50
Kardashian sunbathe: $ 15
Neutrogena makeup cleansing wipes: $ 7
Secret body spray of coconut passion of Victoria: $ 14
Moroccanoil shampoo: $ 26
Moroccanoil Conditioner: $ 25
Lilly Lashes: $ 9
Hair color with Daniel Moon: $ 125
Jimmy Coco tan: $ 350
Juvederm lip injections: $ 450-600 per syringe

Total = $ 1407 ~

Kylie also dished a little dirt on his lip kit to come, saying he will present his three favorite colors. “Nude, sepia brown color and a true”

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