Basic Girls Wardrobe, Top Ten 2015

Basic Girls Wardrobe, Top Ten 2015 (7)

Basic Girls Wardrobe, Top Ten 2015

Wardrobe woman is like music. Imagine: as musicians create their divine melodies with the help of only seven notes, in the same way that a woman can do a lot of looks in various styles through a limited number of clothes.

Sure, it’s not just the basics that make her look and feel. The closet of a modern woman include fashion pieces she wears for a couple of seasons. These fashionable suit is like adding to the seven basic notes of music – staccato, pizzicato, keys, halftones, etc., and without them a melody would have been boring. But if you know the basic music theory, you’re never gonna play a show piece.

Same with clothes: if you do not have basic smart clothes to try, you never have your personal style.

In a sense, a Little Black Dress is like fashion chameleon, as depending on the chosen accessories you can create an infinitive number of looks. Try your little black dress with boots, shoes, stilettos, scarves, shirts, jackets, parkas and no one even I guess you have basic one to many eyes.

Beige is the color of the skin, making it feel somehow naked. It seems both bourgeois and … well, attractive in a way. Moreover, the beige is a neutral color so it blends very well with each team in each style. A beige raincoat is almost as diverse as a small black dress is.

If a teenager or a young woman, opt for silk, lace, cotton, and whatever else blouse. Parts that long ago in the Stone Age originally belonged to men – a white shirt and trousers / jeans – will look perfect on you, especially if you underline the contrast between the Yin and Yang with some female parts as a necklace glamor, high heels a mop of hair and firm … his smile, of course).

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