Beautifull Erdem’s She Dresses & Accessories 2015

Beautifull Erdem’s She Dresses & Accessories 2015 (14)

Beautifull Erdem’s She Dresses & Accessories 2015

Some designers speak with referrals of referrals to “I” or “me.” Some use the brand associated “we.” Erdem Moralioglu speaks of “his” and “her”. “It” is the girl or woman (or someone in between) that is constantly in the minds of Erdem, as he designs and builds sets collections around. For A / W 15-6 eclectic American ingénue year she was with a lovely apartment filled scatty issues of Paris Match with typewriters, record players and strong drinks drag (designed by artist Robin Brown ). She would go about her way into a cacophony of shaggy tweeds, frayed fabric metallic brocades and contrasts with fine lace in rich plum shades of pinks, purples, greens and reds.

This delightfully tactile collection is now in its infancy Erdem flagship store on South Audley Street. More than a sales area, this is where “she” would hang out. “I love how the space is” his “,” said Erdem, as we sat on a comfortable chair overlooking turquoise velvet call the basement of the shop. “He is his Mayfair pied-a-terre that we examined, there forensics. – What would it smell, what would she do watch”?
Erdem, with his partner Phillip Joseph architecture gold firm P. Joseph took an obsessive allure every material and object that would grace this form of carpet shop that around Mayfair and past the shop informed treatment inside. “Philip was dealing with some lovely bones in the store – It was hand respecting what was here, then by injecting a sense of personal in it,” said Erdem. This Is Where Erdem of “she” really gets to expand his inner world through the prism of the designer’s imagination and personal taste. “She” would be reading books on horticulture and photography. “She” would hang a mix of art from the early 20th century by the German painter Dodo quirks Andy Warhol David Hockney collage sketches watercolor portraits by British sculptor Daniel Silver. “She” needs a lot of green in his life and houseplants oversized to become the focal point when you enter the store and down, there is a greenhouse growing fern-filled in tiled underground spaces. “She” has spacious locker rooms the most I’ve ever seen to try his Erdem dresses, complete with velvet seats and a vague view of the outside world through the traditional glass tiles.

“We were really keen on the feeling of space and warm individual,” says Erdem. “I did not want him to feel like the gallery.” Even personalized duck egg blue on the walls goes against the norm to store grain have clothes at fashion sitting against the sterile white walls. At this stage of Erdem “she” pops up again in his thoughts. “I want to understand how this feels silk carpet beneath his bare feet. What the flesh Would she sit in? Maybe it would be breakfast here black Versace dress Elizabeth Hurley wearing … ”

These all sound like fanciful details that might be lost on the average customer that our objective interview progressed, incredibly chic lady and her teenage daughter hovering around Erdem precaution. She looks forward to tell how much she loves her clothes and him the shop. It is a demanding client Who can separate her from her flocking cut wire. And she, like many well to do the clientale Erdem appreciate these chairs Harper Alto and Michael Anastassiades fixtures. The face to face interaction with customers is already in place Erdem ing g, that first store him Even Will undoubtedly say more about that “she” is. “We had our first sale in the first hour of the opening last weekend. I literally handed him the shopping bag. She purchased a brocade top and a dress and I said,” Thank you very much White be our first customer! ”

This stretch of Mayfair, from South Audley street leading to Mount Street is fast becoming a destination for the successes of the London Fashion Week as Christopher Kane, Nicholas Kirkwood and Roksanda are already present, with Simone Rocha and now join the Erdem fray. For Erdem, the history of the region was much of a draw as white associated with luxury brands who settled here have. “Was the only Mayfair place looked we did. There is a history of this beautiful area. Coco Chanel lived around the corner. I love that Thomas Goode is on the street. It is wonderful to share the area with Sami These British designers aim aussi Celine and Balenciaga. It is testament to the London Fashion Week and diversity of talent is here.

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