Beautifull Marni Dresses Collection 2015

Beautifull  Marni Dresses Collection 2015

Beautifull  Marni Dresses Collection 2015

MARNI lightened and brightened this morning for a collection that was loaded with color and elegance Lego gowns when layers was pinched and twisted crossed his hiding place ,.

It was more athletic, and felt like a new burst of energy Consuelo Castiglioni – white, yellow daffodil and the richest green jewel to embody a closet full of wide leg pants (a continuation of last season), open tunics and tabard dresses with layers and styles. Just as we’ve come to expect and love of the brand, you never know when an item begins and the other ends – that it was here a game of dress with long sleeves extending along the fingers, sequins tinkling below asymmetric and leaf impressions dancing in sequined shoulders further before making a bold impact printing as yellow and green through a half-length dress hems. Graphics sculpted suit and echoed around the facility became the gateway. That combination T-shirt-under-dressed in a favorite factor here – but updated signature Marni complication.

But it’s never just the clothes to look with Marni – you are looking at the accessories just as much, because they are key in the definition and description of the Marni woman. They are so often the point of “i” and cross the “t”, so to speak. These same leaves hung gold lobes, wrists were bracelets and angular weighted bags were long, the width, in metallic and wrinkled like a sandwich bag or wine as luxury buyers. And the way you wear your hair is in minimalist Bunchies.

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