Beautifull Once Upon a Shoes 2015

Beautifull Once Upon a Shoes 2015 (5)

 Beautifull Once Upon a Shoes 2015

Crawl EBay is a dangerous slippery slope. eBay crawl at 3 am when you woke up with the time change just after landing in New York, leads you to look at the things you really want (search terms “Balenciaga runway”, “Junya Watanabe” and “John Galliano “) to look at things that you never knew you wanted … as these shoes ornaments Disney parks. No, Disney has not worked with a ton of shoe designers to create these jewels tributes to two well-known characters and obscure. In recent years, their internal team were creating small 3 x 3.5 inches ornaments, applying sequins, jewels and princess / villain appropriate embellishments, so that you may well be fooled into thinking that are the actual footwear adult, you would be tempted to spank more than the $ 22 that these little trinkets cost (you can buy exclusively at Disney Parks and Resorts).

From an initial search eBay, I then found merch rabid aficionado sites like Disney or Disney Fashionista this insanely detailed Flickr profile, where phrases like “I started singing” Colors of the Wind “as soon as I saw this Pocahontas shoe track “and” (This shoe) is one that has nuances non-Disney lover may not notice “are par for the course. These shades may well be lost on most non-Disney love people, but the aesthetic actual makeup of these shoes are fascinating mini-projects. Above, garish and almost grotesque, they me more wildly colorful cupcakes decorated that I would not ever actually put in my mouth recall. Except as may -being the pump Cruella Deville and pointy flower sandal Mulan, were these to be enlarged and turned into a portable reality, the overwhelming kitschness would probably dissuade me from wearing them for real. Again, the same could be said for most OTT shoes I’ve collected over the years (08 AW Giles bolted heels? Meadham Kirchhoff S / S 12 glitter Layer Cake platforms?) Bought for much more than $ 22, now languishing on my shelves as nothing more than beautiful objects. Perhaps my hijack decorative boot binding for those little plastic charms would not be such a bad idea after all.

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