Cute Black Dresses For Girls Of Good Taste

Cute Black Dresses For Girls Of Good Taste (15)

Cute Black Dresses For Girls Of Good Taste

A little black dress is more than just a dress. LBD is a concept, an idea, a statement of good taste and good manners. On the other hand, a dress Little Black is almost a philosophy.

A woman in a little black dress is a complete image. The image reflects the quintessence of the eternal feminine.


At first glance it may seem that a woman in a black dress wants to help unravel the mystery of the eternal feminine, as she is throwing around the keys that open the coffin with him. But even if all keys found a magic coffin will not open and the mystery remains unsolved was accompanied by an article indicating that the little black dress was simple and affordable for women of all income and it would surely become a uniform for women of different social classes with good taste.

Throughout the period of the Great Depression the little black dress enjoyed great popularity: it seemed simple and elegant, while its price was low. Later the influence of Hollywood fashion in increased popularity dress’, but rather a practical reason: Black Color hided distortions screen and added contrast to the appearance of a hero. During World War II the little black dress remained in vogue because of the lack of textile. And of course, thanks to its elegance.

In the late forties presented his legendary Christian Dior New Look collection. The little black dress teamed with femme fatales and Hollywood filmmakers helped the popularity of the little black dress again. The fact is that, if they had to portray an abandoned women or femme fatale, she dressed in a black dress. Respectable women, in movies and in real life dressed wore luxurious clothing style new image and the color black avoided. Sometimes, however, they wanted to look like femmes fatales and wore black dresses.

In the sixties the little black dress was fashionable again. Fashion designers traced the popular trends of the street, so the length of the LBD decreases, while the number of black dresses cuts increased. In 1961 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was released.

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