Exclusive Men’s Fur & Leather Winter Collection 2014

Exclusive Men’s Fur & Leather Winter Collection 2014 (1)
For the past 5 years plus we have witnessed menswear coming into its own, showing great style and creativity… something the ladies have not been lucky with as of late. Gone are the days when men hesitated to spruce-up their sartorial game. Today, younger and older gents alike are flaunting their personal swagger and looking pretty darned dashing doing it. Have a look at men’s fur today…Men and leather is a well-established marriage, men and fur is less so.

But when it comes to mixing leather and fur, this classic combo is currently becoming a fashion hot ticket, favored among designers for rugged, sexy, dramatic looks.

The traditional leather jacket — whether a blouson, biker, pilot or hybrid — is currently stepping-up its game, adding a dressier appeal to an otherwise esteemed casual garment.

Adding a little fur lining and trim to leather is now de rigueur, combining it with suiting items creates even greater fashion flair.To say that we are thrilled with this fashion direction is an understatement.

We are embracing the creativity and message, loving the subtlety in the product and how effortlessly it adapts to the male wardrobe. The leather jacket, beloved by all, is once again returning as a relevant menswear icon deserving of luxe and comfort.