Exclamation factor. Seriously, who needs a plus one when just one can cause a fuss. With exclamation factors and all. Fabulousness and everything else. Up to errr a moment ago prancing individual on the field of design was a significant artificial pas. Or just easy lack of knowledge. Now it’s a popular factor. Ignore two’s and plus ones and sets and partners, that’s like so last Wednesday. Nowadays it’s all about individual.

Who needs two ear-rings when one alone and only alone and by itself, clinging and clinging like an fool great on pleasure on an earlobe chillier and more unsociable than a shrub, can do the trick? Oh and what a technique. Major declaration and design factor. Exclamation to that!


1 The fad in city these times is to reduce your plus one, and instead stone only one earring. #2 This is not about individuals, so don’t go operating off on that little fool having your side, unless of course your want to.

The ‘single’ bit I am constantly shouting on about has to do with EARRINGS, and how old it is this drop to stone sets.

You know, just when I got a bit tired with the pattern of styles in design, she strikes me with a awesome fad, that will probably last a year only, but is however awesome. It spices or herbs factors up. It delivers some razzmatazz to our tedious sartorial lifestyles. Okay, maybe not tedious, but recurring. And I get it, nothing is new, not even this individual one earring fad.

I mean if the 80s are known for one factor that is the one earring pattern. And kitsch. Kitsch too.

Every individual lady and lady tried this individual earring pattern at least once if she resided in the 80s. We’re copying celebrities these times, and it was the same returning then. When Madonna rocked her Like a virgin mobile clothing and lead everything off with this insurgent cheeky one earring factor every lady and lady who liked design and desired to crack a few sartorial, public, and public limitations followed in her actions. Jesse Fitzgibbons was another symbol who rocked this look more than once. It was a factor individuals. And now it’s returning. Without the pink-blue-green cosmetics hopefully. Or the scrunchie.

one-earring-trend-14 one-earring-trend-15 one-earring-trend-16 one-earring-trend And what’s next, strolling in one shoe? Crazy collections aside, the one earring pattern has probably got more to do with the design declaration one large earring can do.

It’s a no-brainer really. If you decorate yourself in gemstones the impact is limited to be so over-the-top it looses its very substance. If you just use a precious stone pendant than it’ll get observed. And you, recognized for the design. If you do red mouth and easy experience, it’ll be more of a red-lip-statement than when you do strong sight and mouth together.

It’s about developing a declaration through an lack. Two ear-rings everyone desires, ONE alone will cause a design fuss.

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