Fur, Fringe & Rock’n’Roll Winter Collection For Girls 2015

Fur, Fringe & Rock’n’Roll Winter Collection For Girls 2015 (23)

Fur, Fringe & Rock’n’Roll Winter Collection For Girls 2015

With cocoon silhouettes, strict lines, unisexual or female in fur looks, these collections for autumn and winter are all about withstand the cold. Get outdoors in pretty pastels, comforting fur, fringe and sheer dresses boho pieces, along with English sleek coats, stockings and boots decision states formfitting.

So, enjoy fashion FW Trend Report 2015 by HC and be in the know what to shop for in the cold season.

It & Collar Point is in the autumn of 2015
The style is all about the details that make the most significant impact, and Christian Dior, Chanel and Alberta Ferretti know well. Therefore, wear collars that recommend ways – over a dress or blouse, or just around the neck instead of a necklace:

The latest fashion trends FW 2015: pointy collars on suits Christian DiorYou can choose sharp or rounded collars, and the two cuts will add some 80 minimalism and an appeal of a high school girl.

Dressed in white-collar Chanel and Alberta Ferretti (center) FW 2015-2016

Ornaments, necklaces, scarves, scarves and strips are also in fashion this fall:Chanel suits, Michael Kors and Chloe FW 2015

Fur Coats, Fur Clothing and Accessories FW 2015-2016

Well, after all, it is not surprising that in the fall and winter designers suggest using skins. The only thing that surprised me is that tens of couturiers include fur in their collections, as if for the sake of some secret skin-off competition among them.

The list of competitors includes Michael Kors, Altuzarra, Andrew Gn, Fendi, Christian Dior, Dennis Basso, DSQUARED2, Alberta Ferretti and other key names.

Christian Dior offered even skin dresses for winter 2015:
Sometimes it seems that all that mattered was the amount of skin – the more the better.However, there were other criteria – creativity – that secured a competitive score for many players:
Winter warm clothes for Altuzarra FW 2015
According to Celine, skin can be used as a stylish accessory. A smart move, is not it?Actually, if you wear a fringed suede jacket or patchwork no, it’ll be fine. But make sure you have at least one third of the trend suede fringed mosaic to cover the fall.

Suede, Fringe Patchwork and FW 2015

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