Gorgeous Colors Trends For Fall & Winter Of Unisex 2015

Gorgeous Colors Trends For Fall & Winter Of Unisex 2015 (5)Gorgeous Colors Trends For Fall & Winter Of Unisex 2015

2015 autumn and winter serves umbrella shades intertwine deep earthy neutrals with bright colors. They echo a landscape of hope, imagination, inspiration, contemplation and enjoyment are made.

According to the International Organization Pantone color combination of autumn and winter 2015 it looks exactly like this:

In the fall of all the designers they gathered significant moments in the history of the United States – since the twenties flirty to diorish new looks, bohemian modernist hippie 60s and 70s – while joining the passion for color and style that are easy use by both sexes – men and women. According to the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman, this fall is indeed the first time that we are witnessing a real scheme unisex color.

Marsala is the color of 2015
I mentioned that the color of 2015 is Marsala, Sicilian wine color that is strong and sweet. Rich and robust, Marsala embodies the warmth and richness of a deliciously satisfying meal, while his red heart and Brown suggests a sophisticated earthiness.

You could see a lot of Marsala in designer collections, and increasingly worldwide Marsala they added a different tone. While Christian Dior preferred a brown tone, Balmain opted for a more red hot.

Pay attention to the Dior dress worn with the highest-the-high-high boots and the contrast between the pieces. Speaking of the CD collection, designer Raf Simons mentioned that he wanted to create “something freer, darker, more sexual”. He succeeded in doing, I guess.

From left to right: a dress by Christian Dior, Balmain pants, dress pants and Andrew Gn Gucci autumn and winter 2015:

Marsala coats and trench-coats bold look and cause wow-effect. Fringe can be placed elsewhere – in suede jackets, shoes, caps, bags. etc – it is a bold trend in autumn and winter 2015

Well, it makes no difference what you call this color – khaki, safari, olive green or dry grass. All that matters is that it is elegant, deep and herbal aroma of nature.
Biscay Bay (Dark Turquoise) for the autumn and winter of 2015-2016
Biscay Bay is as elegant as turquoise, but a little cooler and safer than is usually turquoise. Biscay Bay reminiscent of tropical and relaxing waters far away might have visited in a dream.

I like the combination of such a solemn tweed coat and a transparent dress below: style and fashion are always on the contrast, it is not.
It is so easy to make a statement without the slightest effort in color dresses Bay of Biscay Bottega Veneta and / or Monique Lhuillier 2015 FW:
Reflecting Pond talking but I can not remember a poignant cartoon I saw in my childhood. It was on Little Raccoon, whose mother ordered him to bring a little out of the pond sedge. It was dark in the woods as he headed to the sedge. However, he managed to reach the lake and looked at the water surface. There he saw a face that started pulling faces and mocking him. Little Raccoon got scared and fled without sedge. He told his mother about a monster that lived in the pond and the faces that was pulling it. Mom advised smile reflecting pond and promised that the monster smiled at him in response. Sure, it happened exactly as the mother of Raccoon said.

When you are a lady of such business confidence he is wrapped head to toe in stylish clothes and solemn Michael Kors – will self-irony; just give this world a little smile.Outfits for FW 2015 in the color reflecting pond
Thanks to green color Reflecting Pond causes deep thinking and strive to new beginnings, while a cooling touch of blue links IT with dreams and fantasies.

From left to right: Christian Dior gown, a trench and a bag of Altuzarra and picturesque costume Michael Jacobs, all in color reflection Pond, all for fall and winter 2015-2016:

Warm and welcoming, cadmium orange stimulates optimism and brings fun. Use Cadmium Orange parts on their own or to highlight the contrast with clothes in brown, oak or Buff Amethyst Orchid.To color and liven up the days of wind storm this fall, adding his team a soft and gentle flower with the help of a blow pink cashmere.

Gorgeous Colors Trends For Fall & Winter Of Unisex 2015


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