Korean Summer Fashion For Men & Boys 2014-15

Korean Summer Fashion For Men & Boys 2014-15 (1)Weather in Seoul is getting hotter.

If you’re heading to Korea this summer, remember to dress like the fashionable Koreans.

Get inspired and check out this article to get ideas!Fedora hat simply doesn’t go out of fashion every summer. Simply wear a nautical stripe tees with suspenders and you can look really chic. Why not visit Yeosu Expo 2012 this summer with Yeosu’s awesome cool summer weather with this look.Summer doesn’t have to be just T-shirt and berms. Perhaps you could try out one of the Summer dishes unique to Korea such as Patbingsu (팥빙수), Naengmyeon (냉면) or Kongguksu (콩국수) to cool yourself down from Seoul’s summer heat.Korean Summer Fashion For Men & Boys 2014-15 (4)

You can still look chic wearing bermudas. Accessories such as a mlutch will make you a metrosexual dude in Seoul. You can join the crowd of fashion kings and queens in Seoul’s No.1 fashion wholesale market – Dongdaemun (동대문)!Enjoy a cup of coffee at Seoul’s Little Europe – Garosugil (가로수길). Preppy-look is very popular among the fashionable Seoulites.Korean Summer Fashion For Men & Boys 2014-15 (2)

You can also look both simple and chic with just a plain T-shirt and bermudas as long as you know what color suits you best. Perhaps, this is the best way to blend in with the elite and studious crowd of Daehangno.Korean Summer Fashion For Men & Boys 2014-15 (3)

Summer is also an awesome time to visit Korea. Remember to stay chic and stay tuned to more summer articles at fashionsbizz.com