Latest Cross Body Bag & By Buckle Up 2015

Latest Cross Body Bag & By Buckle Up 2015 (6)

Latest Cross Body Bag & By Buckle Up 2015

“If you get the right bag, it bag, a bag of successes, your label is moving in a different league.” So says the fictional British designer of this guilty pleasure of reading-back years, Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones (free e-book to skim read if you want to kill a few hours). Since the publication there are nearly ten years, bags have certainly evolved away from requiring a waiting list sanctioned “IT” state but certainly having a hit bag in the arsenal of your brand is still an enviable thing, and in some cases, actually move a label within a league.

When Christopher Kane launched a fully expanded range of loop security bags two seasons ago, it coincided perfectly with the other league as Kane entered as a brand supported by Kering. It is no coincidence that the first you see when you walk into the new store-ish Kane on Mount Street is a wall around her curls beauty sitting on plexiglass shelves. They also seized your eye on the podium in his sensual precision A / W 15-6 show, where more than half of the models came trooping down clutching a cordoned bag of sorts. And if this season sees the signing of the loop Kane – a characteristic dripping from his explosive Martins MA graduate collection from Central Saint ago almost a decade. – Fixed on ruffled tanks, metal mirror leather bags and backpacks (MatchesFashion box have some spangly metallic ones).

I happily took the printed crocodile cross body bag, made with electric spherical corners inspired by DNA and paired with this first point of inspiration structures – a bandaged dress and lace this breakthrough collection Christopher Kane, who was a recent find on eBay. Ok, it’s not a dress on pork dumplings deposit but I am the one in the “archive”. I thought about the kind of tropes as the working Kane has produced over the years. The loop is a visual signifier of his work, but so are textures such as velvet, metal foil and various treatments and patent leathers and generally make you surprised with the unexpected. Buckle up. The next phase of the Kane path will surely be one hell of a ride.

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