Latest Handbags, Chanel, Prada, & Other Legends By SS 2015

Latest Handbags, Chanel, Prada, & Other Legends By SS 2015 (14)

Latest Handbags, Chanel, Prada, & Other Legends By SS 2015

So, what are classy bags by legendary fashion houses in the world – Chanel, Celine, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Prada Look Like? Let me tell you all about it ,

It is impossible to talk about Chanel handbags SS 2015 without mentioning the action organized by Carl Lagerfeld, creative director of the legendary brand Chanel.

As a matter of fact, the collection of Chanel SS 2015 was more than a show: it was a statement. A manifesto. Or – let me say it is so – a policy statement.

On the day of the Chanel collection Spring / Summer 2015 show Grand Palais exhibition and cultural center looked totally unrecognizable. Models paraded in the Paris street boulevard Chanel by Lagerfeld & Co. recreated down to the smallest puddle. Apartment buildings, displays and posters seem real. The best models of the banners now fashionable business, for example, Joan Smalls, Edie Campbell and Sam Rollinson are held with slogans like Tweed is better than Twitter, Be your own stylist and so on. Gisele Bundchen Cara Delevingne and shouted into megaphones What do we! When do we want it? with full dedication.
Commenting on the action within the framework of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld said the street protests have been an old and respected tradition in France. My mother was a feminist, and raised with a history of that. So I decided to make a presentation here as part of their program – Lagerfeld, creative director of the fashion house founded by the legendary designer Coco Chanel and feminist said. She would have approved the actions of Lagerfeld, I have no doubt about that.

Chanel collection is a freedom of expression, so choose any bag, Chanel or Zara. It will O’Key whatever you choose; that is their right and free will.
Fashion can not remain outside the context of social and cultural changes taking place in society, Lagerfeld suggests. Fashion is nothing, while his personality is key. Want to write a slogan on the bag that is important to you? – Do it, even if the bag is Chanel. A bag is just a thing, a waste; no soul, not worth dying literally.

However, Chanel SS 2015 collection was not just for fun. There were plenty of classy and elegant dress and, of course, handbags, for example:

A laptop and file paper documents easily fit gold Chanel clutch pictured left, while the right clutch can hold a lipstick, sunglasses and a phone. Yes, all is not gold that glitters. So what? 🙂

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