Latest Menswear Pieces For By SS 2015

Latest Menswear Pieces For By SS 2015 (5)

 Latest Menswear Pieces For By SS 2015

It happened – spring has come. It’s time to pack your coat and parka and start loading up shirts, shorts, white cotton suits and other things warm weather.

So, what to bring to a man in the spring and summer of 2015 for a perfect look and consequently feel? Here is a list of 5 essential menswear pieces that you might consider adding to your summer wardrobe 2015.
Does that mean that you spend your days relaxing on the sofa in an excellent three-piece suit? I’m sure not. Does that mean that a suit of clothing is becoming athletic, getting wider and loungewear notorious cuts taken in delicate fabrics and premium style? Finally, yes.
The gap between the colors of lady and gentleman is reducing year after year.

The tracks were flooded SS15 men white and aquamarine, but these colors are common in menswear. Another intelligent color, and has become the number one in 2015. It is Marsala, and is named after a Sicilian wine. The color is quite bright and at the same time, deep and classy.

Try a less-is-more approach to the use Marsala, adding only a piece of it. It may be short, shirts, pants or bag, preferably of high quality leather. Or rather, suede.

Remember, one piece is enough, not counting two glasses of wine from Sicily Marsala. It includes in your shopping list a polo shirt, a pair of shorts and bermudas. Well, just a pair of shorts will too.

The man of fashion spring / summer 2015 is inspired by the Wild West. If you are young and brave enough, opt for a fringed suede jacket. If you’re brave, but … at their best age, it’s just a chamois something without bangs.

Best way to go is with a snow-white shirt and a pair of loose jeans. A plaid shirt or striped shirt also look cool on a summer day pretty cold.

Not that I’m judging other people by myself; although I personally enjoy reading these creative / strange slogans on T-shirts, I know a lot of people with the same hobby. For a statement on his shirt is a version of what you want to say to this world. If you do not find a shirt with a slogan to your liking, you can get your slogan printed somewhere, for example, here.

Again, if you are young and / or go to a party, shopping for summer 2015 a shirt with a cartoon hero on it. Which? You must decide whether it should be someone you liked as a child or someone your kid loves / used to worship.


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