Latest My Feral Lady By Doris Day films

Latest My Feral Lady By Doris Day film (6)

Latest My Feral Lady By Doris Day films

I’m never quite sure how to do “lady”. By “lady”, I mean the prescribed image to me by Doris Day film, where the head in the colors of the toe, a strict posture and matching hats and gloves all used simultaneously to instill fear in the slouchy, love odd and messy to me. Wondering if Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler looked similar images “lady” – perhaps they represent incredibly chic women in 1940 Life Magazine – and thought to themselves that these ladies could go wild. Their interpretation of “lady” is asive us lady folk-allergic.

Hernandez and McCollough were actually inspired by the contrast between the art connoisseurs and affluent female fur wrapped in the mid 20th century and the progressive abstract expressionist art they seek. But more than just linking between the canvas and fabric, they are strict and haughty silhouettes become wild and vaguely animal. In other words, the kind of “lady” I could get on board with. They are the kind of clothes stuck with me long after the show in February.

Nubbly tweed suits are looking closely sewn muslin strips of woven silk. The astrakhan that could have graced hats and necklaces the ladies who lunch, are transformed into gray tones wraps that act as graphics packages around the body. Austere wool coats are cut so that they whip with sharp cuts even aware adorn dresses knee-length body. Calf leather cow print on brands adds a touch of the Wild West to a shift dress prim. Once the evening starts kicking in, the feathers are perched on a hat in the singular are grouped into the Iroquois fringed shoulders and V-shaped on the hips. What could have been a handful of sequins on a classic dress are used in their hundreds of thousands to cutting provocative dresses that slither about on the body. Can any semblance of “lady” out of the window with chiffon flared eyelet pieces Finale with more feathers. Even practical and robust tights are reduced in the geometry. This is “lady” went wild. And in the process, once again causing the pair of new textures. If recent collections of Proenza Schouler before this one were a little on the polished side, with A / W 14-5, they face the head of the distinguished politeness and triumph by mauling on these connotations.

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