Latest Trends For Curvy Women Spring / Summer 2015

Latest Trends For Curvy Women Spring  Summer 2015 (11)

Latest Trends For Curvy Women Spring / Summer 2015

The color palette of the season is very democratic. This means that every woman with curves can easily find the colors that suit you. This is how the color scheme for spring and summer of 2015 looks as Pantone Inc., an expert on trends in colors and their combinations used in various industries such as fashion and design.
Sure, the colors you choose for your dress should not be exactly the same – the regime is only a guide that should help you get the concept of what to expect when buying clothes for spring and summer of 2015.

If you have a pear body type figure, put bright colors on top of his body. In other words, looking pastel blouses, shirts or sweatshirts.
If you have a body type inverted triangle, use light colored pieces in his lower body.
If you have apple body type, you prefer a dress or a dress with a high waist or wear a loose tunic with straight pants with a skirt or a silhouette, which is very popular in the spring and summer of 2015.

Marsala announced Pantone color of the year 2015, and this is very good news for full-figured women like Marsala is deep, classy and works on reducing its horizontal proportions. We strongly recommend that includes clothing and accessories Marsala, in the locker room 2015. It will be a very good choice I recommend.
If you can not buy clothes of this color scheme try to score red, brown and burgundy, which is usually available in all online stores.

The combination of two basic contrasting colors – black and white – is a strong trend in 2015, so use them throughout the spring and summer. The combo is very elegant and – and another piece is aa good news – it’s very easy to pick up the clothes in this color scheme for a full-figured woman.
That’s how fashion sets b / w may seem, as Camilla & Mark Spring-Summer 2015. Note how a business suit with vertical stripes extends the figure of the woman.

Unlike leather clothing is sometimes made of a textured pieces first, and, therefore, it operates in an increase of its horizontal proportions, it is a soft suede material. This means that a suede jacket, trench or suede skirt is a smart solution for a woman with curves. A soft tissue is essential when you want to look slimmer.
Another good news is that suede clothing is a new trend and will surely be popular in autumn-winter 2015-2016.

Suede clothing is so popular band in spring and summer including SS 7 Must Have Ideas for Article 2015 extroverted style, and where you can find street style suede based sounds.

Latest Trends For Curvy Women Spring / Summer 2015

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