Latest Vibrant Patchwork By MARTINA SPETLOVA 2015

Latest Vibrant Patchwork By MARTINA SPETLOVA Collection 2015 (17)

Latest Vibrant Patchwork By MARTINA SPETLOVA 2015

Sophisticated, vibrant and unique. London based design brand Martina Spetlova kindly shared with us his collection autumn season 2015. Designer is known for woven leather and combination of bright colors. This season is the continuation of exploration and experimentation with endless visual possibilities and textural signature designer job. The next show was presented at the Mercedes-Benz 2015 Prague  Fashion Weekend.

Male model appears on the catwalk wearing shiny black leather jacket with blue embroidery. I like the blue tunic style suede-like leather maxi skirt and matching pants color.

The abstract mosaic makes her creations look bright and fashionable. Fashion models appeared on the catwalk wearing hand-woven leather jackets, suits multiple layers in all black, white, blue and yellow. Spetlova skillfully blends bold colors blocks textiles and leather, creating mosaic signing its striking looks. I’m obsessed with designer style and innovative approach, making each piece unique look and to be treated.

We see a blue coat embroidered with scraps. You can complete the look by adding black coat long skirt.

I’m so in love with yellow, which makes this dress look fresh and vibrant fashion.

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