Loanna Kourbela Mens Fall Collection 2015-2016

Loanna Kourbela Mens Fall Collection 2015-2016 (13)Loanna Kourbela Mens Fall Collection 2015-2016

Now, with time allocated Joan Kourbela 2015 Womenswear collection of autumn (This is the connection). Now is the time to show you one of my favorites of men out of the army. The lookbook is terrible

silhouettes with geometric axis as far as the hourglass shape. Geometrical, austere and minimal cuts refer to Cubism. Urban mood is created thanks to cuts and slim silhouettes sportswear references. Ere flush the meadows with earthly colors Color palette is come, he who lives by the tissues of the. <span title=”Videmus classe nigra, cana, albo et cinereo pops flavi.

“>We see a fleet of black, white, pops of yellow, white and gray.

Personally, I would like to, and to develop a special set eternity in the face of the brand’s creativity. This combination allowed to create innovative outfits, which are the least to the greatest, which men ought to work in the days and weekends. We see the hands of mine hand made, and the woof, the higher the quality of the garments. Always make known to experiment with the colors and shapes, offering us new and elegant styles. <span title=”Omnia in omnibus, omnia et singula in hoc piece showcased lookbook maxime versatile, eclectic et specimen pro livore apparentiae.

“>All in all, this piece of every detail in all things, and lookbook showcased the most versatile, eclectic and the ideal man for striking appearances.
And it’s the perfect dress of these men that seek for a casual-smart clothes sporty touches. We navy colored hooded zip-closure jacket with gray sleeves styled tailored shirt tucked into white-gray trousers.

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