London Fashion Week Soho Skulking 2015

London Fashion Week Soho Skulking 2015 (13)

London Fashion Week Soho Skulking 2015

On Friday, when the London Fashion Week began, I went to an eccentric looking man, which I believe is known as Mad Alan Soho – Tatoo with a penchant for embroidered waistcoat – and asked him for a picture. It’s the kind of guy that I knew would give my reflex in one hand, iPhone in the other hand a withering look as he asked where it will go and I replied with a tone vaguely sheepish “Instagram”. “I do not do social media,” he said with disdain. “But you’re beautiful and you have a beautiful smile so why not.”

I thought the first one-day meeting with Alan Mad lot. Fashion moments that have stuck in the past few days were mainly installed in Soho. And they also were representative of the kind of zany characters who frequent or live this legendary part of the city, which are also slowly yields to hip restaurants with too many handles and social media establishments adorned with Farrow & Ball painted walls and marble surfaces. Mad Alan represents the Soho I glimpsed facing the back of my early youth, but also a time that I’ve never experienced myself when children would Blitz down on places like The Kilt and Billie and squatting in Fitzrovia random houses. These are the collective memories (imaginary or not) Soho that designers have been tapping into, we all carried away from reality gentrified SoHo today.

The first day of the Fashion Week in London, Ed Marler held a solo presentation in the schedule right out of the court by Brewer Street, having just come out of the Fashion East wing. Maybe away from the pressure of being part of an estimated collective, Marler could then shine because it was by far its most powerful statement yet. Entitled, “SOS” Marler imagined it was the end of the world. But instead of dark rags dystopia, Marler imagined his characters in the gears of glamped gingham ruffled up, waist shorts with caps as a protective knee pads, beautifully patched denim and creased brocade. Add a pinch of glitter on the edge of a beautiful red tweed jacket and a sprinkling of sequins and the end of the world does not look so bad after all. Tired and desperate expressions world on models face told a different story. And it is through a presentation focused on the story that the world of Marler could really be shown correctly. They are not dressed for the sake of just looking good, but as a way to express their response against the world. It is decorated with a coat strongly they have taken over, to push compliance.

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