Now 1970’s Are Back In Flow Fall Collection 2015-16

Now 1970’s Are Back In Flow Fall Collection 2015-16  (7)Now 1970’s Are Back In Flow Fall Collection 2015-16 

Belgian-Ukrainian FLOW fashion brand presents its Fall 2015 collection great season. The label was founded in 2015 by a sister Viktoria Veronika Balaniuk. Despite his young age, FLOW has its identity,

signature style and many fans. Its base includes visual aesthetic of femininity, elegance and mild austerity of design. Personally, I’m so in love with his sharp detail and impressive combination of classic and modern styles.The of 1970 were the time of great changes in society and culture, the Vietnam War, new wave of youth subcultures (hippies, apogee of popular cinema and pop-music). All these events have severely affected this time. <span title=”Tous ces détails peuvent être vus dans une interprétation moderne et raffinée de l’écoulement d’hiver de 2015 à 2016 la collection.

“>All these details can be seen in a modern and sophisticated interpretation of the flow Winter 2015-2016 collection.

The color palette includes green, gray, black and dark orange light. Each piece very fashionable, wearable, somewhat austere, very feminine and timeless chic. Art is another source of inspiration to flow. This year, the designers were inspired by the cinema masterpieces of 1970, as “Eyes of Laura Mars” and “Klute” with works by Austrian painter Egon Schiele. A particular focus of this collection is done on digital prints (applied graphics juicy fruits, bakery and glaze hands graceful women) created by the young Ukrainian artist Anton Yakshyn. The basic clothes this fall 2015 are flared pants with pleats, ppointed collared shirts, halter tops, loose knit sweaters, dress coats with minimalist touches and skirts.I twelve o’clock am so in love with this trench with belt Height. It comes with beautiful details such as raglan sleeves, flap pockets, decorated with storm flaps and tabs of the shoulder. The look is completed with a wide leg trouser sweep the floor.

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