Oysho Offers Gymwear & Sports Dresses Collection 2014

Oysho Offers Gymwear & Sports Dresses Collection 2014

Oysho Offers Gymwear & Sports Dresses Collection 2014Oysho Offers Gymwear & Sports Dresses Collection 2014

Oysho is a brand with a young and modern character fashion trends fits in all their collections. Therefore, Oysho sells fun , sportswear and lingerie, casual clothing and comfortable home, original accessories and footwear.All lines are planned by the leading brand services located in Barcelona , the team of designers of different nationalities specializing in their product segments, and working on the development of new collections Oshyo .Oysho currently has over five hundred stores across Africa , Asia , Europe and the Middle East : Cyprus, Deutschland, Spain , France , Greece, Hungary, Italy , Luxembourg , Malta , Montenegro , Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Romania, Morocco, Österreich , Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan , Kuwait , Lebanon , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates , Guatemala , Mexico , Dominican Republic , China , Germany , Andorra , Belgium , Bulgaria , Russia , Serbia , Turkey , Ukraine and UK .Oysho was formed in 2001 to take the world-shattering concept of Zara in the world of lingerie and corsetry , sportswear and suits for men and women . We’ve updated your collection of basics to make them more functional , versatile and comfortable.Check them out ! We want candy ! We are sure that you are officially in love right now. Your wardrobe needs this new Gym Wear Collection 2014.With colors as the focal point and the comfort is a priority , the new collection by Oysho Gymwear is for sale at all stores .

The perfect balance between sport and fashion , do not miss this collection , on sale at all our stores.Oysho belongs to the Inditex Group, shares his philosophy of fashion collections become as fast as trends offering consumers a quality product design arena .Since 2001 , along the lines of corsetry and lingerie, Oysho has produced new families of products to compliment your brand concept, such as collections of license, homewear or weekend wear , gymwear , accessories and footwear .

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