Ready to Wear Winter Collection By Paule Ka 2015

Ready to Wear Winter Collection By Paule Ka 2015 (6)

Ready to Wear Winter Collection By Paule Ka 2015

Paule Ka is a brand and previalling amaizng with respect Reay fashion wear suits. French is completely based Cajfinger created by Serge in 1987. This fashion house Bascially first released in Paris and a shop in Cannes. And now this fashion brand highlight is ionized in many countries Worlf simply because of their remarkable skills of fashion.

Current presentation

Our current presentation is linked within the display of some still attractive and classy exquisite ready to wear dresses that are appreciated and admired by all who displayed. These elegant and sophisticated equipment are stated by some glamorous models.

Paule Ka recent winter collection RTW

Here we are reporting some simple but attractive designs costumes elegant and modern with grace and charm. These hot fashion ready to wear winter clothes are designed by priortizing current fashion and high fashion techniques.

Suitable for

These beautiful masterpieces not only glamo out your personality, but also keep you warm and comfortable. This amazing line dress is perfectly suitable for working women mature.

Paule Ka Meryl Streep wore both the Golden Globes and the New York premiere of Into the Woods. A blow of this caliber can make for a good brand of drive, except that many times, people do not dare ask Streep what she’s wearing. But this has not prevented the label of Paris from the use of the association, especially as a source of inspiration for the fall collection. The design study looked back at Kramer vs. Kramer and Manhattan, updating every day of the 70’s style Streep with stronger graphics, sharper vertical silhouettes, and a respectable amount of Lurex brocade. Whereas bouclé coats felt square and bicolor current, mixed with vinyl ridges, or adapted and the satin-belted dresses could pass for the old costumes. As for the brocade, his abstract pattern in chartreuse blush and qualified for the gray area between gaudy and glamorous. But make no mistake, most eyes would laptop through next season and beyond, from the pantsuit in the entire stretch twill dress polo with texture.

Since January, Paule Ka has been under the leadership of new CEO Catherine Vautrin Gérardin. Presumably, your first priority is to install an artistic director (founder Serge Cajfinger occupied both functions until his departure last year). For now, however, the study is handling very well.

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