Trenchcoat New Style Idea 2015

Trenchcoat New Style Idea 2015 (5)

Trenchcoat New Style Idea 2015

This week really is a single item that our attention is directed to – the raincoat. Wet weather clothing stands and looking particularly elegant Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany Day, which comes from the 19th century originally as a military style, which later became incarnated as a version of the day after the First World War .

It has already become a wardrobe staple of working smart, but is particularly relevant this week as the outlook is particularly grim – rain keeps coming and remaining dressing and loosely put together becomes more and more difficult. So step forward in the raincoat.
A classic, it really is their own clothes surprising – it almost does not matter what you have in the ditch below that does all the talking and makes the first impression. Flat sandals keep young tomboy and plays to his charms while climbing boots leg length have an appealing impudence. Wellingtoon boots even going to work. And that’s it, the team is almost complete. Can it really be this easy?

You can – but then where’s the fun in that? The fall / winter 2015 catwalks made us rethink what we think of the humble trench: it was spliced ​​and shortened by 3.1 Phillip Lim, transformed into a hybrid ballgown Dries Van Noten and rendered a poetic paisley in Burberry – for whom the ditch really It is your business card.

In essence, when it comes to wearing it this week, it’s all about keeping the straps and rain out. You need a serious and substantial umbrella to go with it – not one that will blow inside out when the wind gets a little overzealous – and suggest using these boots in autumn you should be buying now only with her too.

When those rare moments to wear melts or artistically tied to construction blouse widening at the top, a pleated skirt barely peeking out from the edge of the pit will be seen below seasonally scholar. Lengths can be tricky, but stick to this style trick and you’ll be fine. And remember that you still want the ditch is the focus. Even when Van Noten Lim and contorted in their hybrids you know it was a ditch underneath it all.

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